Color Ontology and Color Science: A Festschrift for Larry Hardin

Jonathan Cohen(UC, San Diego) and Mohan Matthen (Toronto), editors

Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors

Jonathan Cohen and Mohan Matthen

Justin Broackesexpected early January?
Alex Byrne and David Hilbertdraft receivedHow Do Things Look to the Color-Blind?
Paul Churchlandpaper receivedOn the Reality (and Diversity) of Objective Colors: How Color-Qualia Space is a Map of Reflectance-Profile Space
Austen Clarkpaper receivedColor, Qualia, and Attention: A Non-Standard Interpretation
Jonathan Cohenpaper receivedIt's Not Easy Being Green: Hardin and Color Relationalism
Don Dedrickexpected 1 JanuaryPerceptual and Cognitive Accounts of Color Categorization: C. L. Hardin's "Looksism"
Kimberly Jamesonpaper receivedWhere in the World Color Survey is the support for the Hering Primaries as the Basis for Color Categorization?
Rolf Kuehnipaper receivedColor Spaces and Color Order Systems, A Primer
Brian P. McLaughlinexpected March?
Mohan Matthenexpected 15 JanuaryPluralistic Realism
Rainer Mausfeldpaper receivedColour within an internalist framework: The role of 'colour' in the structure of the perceptual system
Don MacLeodpaper receivedInto the Neural Maze
Reinhard Neidereepaper receivedMore than three dimensions: What continuity considerations can tell us about perceived color
Jonathan Westphalpaper receivedHow Can the Logic of Colour Concepts Apply to Aferimage Colours?