Here are some MRI pictures of my brain, taken by the folks in Larry Squire's memory lab. These pictures provide some evidence that I actually have a brain, but the jury is still out....

All images were taken in 4mm increments. Because they were interested in imaging the hippocampus in the lower temporal lobe, there is some signal loss at the front and top of the brain, so the images are darker there. (Or else this could be the hidden explanation of my absent-mindedness.) There is also some ghosting at the top and front of the brain. Spooky.

Axial slices: These images go from the inferior in the upper left to superior in the lower right. Here the left side of the image represents the left side of the brain.
Coronal slices: These images go from anterior in the upper left to posterior in the lower right. Again, image left side represents brain left side; thus, the view you get is opposite what you would see if you were facing the brain (ahem) head-on.
Sagittal slices: These images progress from left in the upper left to right in the lower right.